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Why enroll for CSULB online courses?

CSULB online programs also called distance learning programs are offered in a mode that allows the students to choose how exactly they want to undertake their course. It’s becoming more and more popular especially in students who are pursing higher levels of education like bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The ability of the module to promote personal growth and development is one of the main reasons why many people are opting to go for it.

Some of the main advantages (also called the 5Cs) of online programs are discussed below. However this study model has its setbacks which should also be put into consideration.

Control over study plan
Students undertaking the online study module have the opportunity to study at their own pace. In some instances students get the chance to choose when to sit for their exams. Thus they only take the exams when they feel confident enough to do so. Similarly, students are in a position to allocate time to their study plans according to the complexity of the subjects. Thus the harder subjects can have more time allocated to them as compared to the easier ones. This by extension helps the student to manage their time well. However students should ensure that this control does work for their disadvantage especially when they have poor time management skills.csulb-Study-Plan

It’s convenient
What do call a study module that allows you work on full-time basis, raise a family or be committed to other things while still studying? The student gets the chance to plan the time of day when to commit to each of the tasks without inconveniencing the other. This instills certain traits such as the ability to correctly balance school work and other commitments without getting overwhelmed. Convenience is also accorded by the fact that the student does not have to physically attend classes thus the student can undertake a course regardless of the location of the university or college. One can comfortably study from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Cost effectiveness
CSULB online degree courses are much cheaper when compared with the conventional classroom-based programs. The student in an online program has were academic expenses as expenditures on items such as books and transport to school are not incurred. The online program also allows students to attend school only during the semesters that they can afford. Unlike the other study model where course duration is preset, the distance learning model has no maximum amount of time during which it should be completed.

The online programs allow students to interact with their tutors and other students. The main means of communication used in this model is electronic media usually the email. The student gets a chance to personally interact with the instructors where they get instant feedback. The tutor therefore gets a chance to understand each student and can easily point out the areas where the student needs extra help. Using means such as video conferencing, the students can participate in forums that are similarly to class discussions held in the other modes of study. Students get to exchange ideas which are very helpful considering that the students are scattered in different geographical locations. However effective interaction can only be possible if the students ensure that they check their messages on daily basis. Missing such discussions may lead to the student lagging behind of his colleagues.

It enhances commitment
In most cases the online programs are taken by people who are seeking the opportunity top advance in their career. Since the motive comes from within, the students tend to be very committed to the entire course. That’s the reasons why most of the students will juggle various commitments very comfortably. Taking an online program will also instill a sense of responsibility in the students.


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