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Why Do You Need Electrical Training? | State of California Training Program

Electrical training is a must if you are really serious on entering the electrical industry. A California State training program will teach you how to work as an electrician. It will give you the right tools and knowledge so that you can handle different types of situations on the job.

Electrical training is quite simple.

It starts by helping you learn the basic electrical safety protocols by introducing the National Electrical Code. This code contains all of the information on electrical safety that the government has approved. This is included because safety should be one of your priorities as an electrician. You are handling electricity after all. One mistake can cost lives. Aside from safety protocols, a training program also introduces you to different electric devices and procedures. They will usually teach you how units like volt and ampere’s is measured.

You will also be introduced to the actual processes. You will delve into the process on how to control a specific system. All of these are done so you can have the required knowledge and skills. After this, it will only be a matter of time before you become a true electrician – a master worthy of belonging to the league of professional electricians. You can do this once you pass the national certification exam.

I don’t wish to overwhelm you with information, so let’s break this down. It is easy to assume that electrical training and rightfully so is primarily through a program or course. There are others ways to get yourself trained, here are but a few.

Company-Funded Training Programs

The first type of electrical training program is the one funded by your company. This is usually given to on-site technicians, electrical inspectors or new electricians by an electrical-related facility. They are like extra training programs that are not really required.

However, do not undermine what they can do to your career. These company-funded training programs can help you learn specific processes like how to manage lighting systems, wiring systems and the likes. The goal of these programs is to help the employees learn a particular skill. While they do not offer a long course like the one you got when you are in college, it is still a training program that you can profit from. Always keep in mind that knowledge is gold in the electrical industry. This is particularly true in the electrical construction industry as well. And aside from that, you can also add these little seminars to your resume. It will give your future employers a clear picture on what you know.

Expert or Journeyman Electricians

Another way to get informal electrical training is by working closely with journeyman or master electricians. This process is sometimes known as an electrician apprenticeship. You cannot really skip this stage for it is required if you want to be certified as an electrician.

Going through an apprenticeship has its benefits. These people have gone through what you are going through and right now they are living their lives as masters of their profession. You can trust what these people are doing and you can even learn from them. One of the things that I love about working under journeyman electricians is that you get to gather experience. You get to see how they do things and you can learn a lot of things from them. In fact, you can literally absorb their skills by just looking at what they are doing. All you really need is the interest. Also, speaking of interest, do not be afraid to ask some questions. As an electrical trainee, this is normal. Do not think that you are being too pushy. You will reveal lots of new facets of your industry by doing this.

An Electrical Training Course

You can also get some training by taking an electrical-related course in a school. There are lots of college and associate courses in this industry. Some of these are electrical engineering and electronics engineering. If you want to enter another side of the industry, you can also take a short course on electrical inspection. The key here is to choose your school with care. If you can, take a peek on how they teach and what they are currently teaching their students. This will give you a rough idea on what type of school they are.

Electrical Certification Training

The fourth type of electrical training program is through certification training. This is like a review of what you have learned in college. This will help you become certified not only as an ordinary electrician but also as an electrical engineer. The electrical certification examination is nothing to be afraid of. You just need to review the basics and learn the requirements of your state. Certification is required so that the safety of the people is ensured. After all, there are lots of electrical hazards in electrical construction and other related jobs. Think about it. Would you hire some ordinary non-residential lighting technicians over some certified electricians? Definitely not! This is why it is absolutely imperative that you go through this electrical training if you plan to be hired by electrical contractors.

Internet-Based Programs

The last type of electrical training is through internet-based programs. Believe it or not, you can get all the training programs I have included above on the Internet. They are just in video form. I am not encouraging that you should take your electrical training online. It is just a great option for people who lack the time to go to school or a certain location every day. An online electrical training program lets you learn in the comfort of your own home. This would typically suit an individual looking for a green career change. It enables you to continue with your employment to pay the bills whilst studying to become an electrician at night.

There are different hoops that you have to go through but all of these are worth it especially if you are a type of person who enjoys technical and electrical stuff. Electrical training is imperative if you want to succeed in the electrician field.


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