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What Types of Green College Scholarships are Available?

College scholarships provide an excellent means to pay for college without having to pay as much out of your pocket. In order to determine those college scholarships that you may be eligible for, it is beneficial to know more about the different types of college scholarships that are available. The basic types of available college scholarships are:College Student

• Athletic scholarshipstylenol-future-care-scholarship
• Academic scholarships
• Department scholarships
• College scholarships from corporations
• College scholarships from religious organizations
• College scholarships from unions
• College scholarships from high schools
• College scholarships from the Chamber of Commerce
• Green College scholarships from private organizations
• Military college scholarships
• Needs-based college scholarships

Athletic College Scholarships

Athletic college scholarships are provided by the college you attend. The competition for athletic college scholarships is extremely high. To learn more about athletic college scholarships and how to apply for one, visit the website of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Academic College Scholarships

You may be eligible for academic college scholarships if you have had an impressive academic record. With many colleges, you won’t even need to apply for an academic college scholarship. Rather, it will simply be included in the financial aid package you receive from the college. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to inquire within the financial aid office to see if you qualify.

Departmental College Scholarships

Certain departments within the college you are attending may offer their own college scholarships. If you already know what your major will be, contact that department to ask about possible college scholarships.

College Scholarships Offered by Corporations

Many corporations offer college scholarships in order to help attract new employees or to attract new people to the field. In addition, many corporations will offer college scholarships to their current employees in order to encourage them to continue with their education.

College Scholarships from Religions Organizations

Many religions organizations will offer college scholarships to members of their religious group. You should be able to check with your church to find out if any college scholarships are available.

College Scholarships from Unions

Many unions offer college scholarships for a variety of purposes. Check out the AFL-CIO website to perform a search of college scholarships offered by unions.

College Scholarships from High Schools

Some high schools also offer college scholarships. Although these are usually reserved for graduating seniors, it doesn’t hurt to look into what may be available if you have been out of school for a few years.

College Scholarships from the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce often offers college scholarships to members of the community. Or, they can let you know about area businesses that may offer college scholarships.

College Scholarships from Private Organizations

Private organizations offer the greatest number of college scholarships. These organizations offer college scholarships in order to further their missing and to support education. If you are returning to college after taking a few years off, there are even college scholarships created specifically for people like you.

Military College Scholarships

In order to earn military college scholarships, you need to complete a tour of duty. Upon completion, however, you may receive a full tuition and even a stipend for books.

Need-Based College Scholarships

By completing the FAFSA, you can learn about need-based college scholarships for which you qualify. Currently, the government rewards $33 billion in need-based college scholarships.

Be sure to check into every avenue when pursuing college scholarships. With a little persistence, you just might find that most or even all of your college expenses can be paid for you!


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