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What do you need to become a certified electrician in the State of California?

A certified electrician is a trained individual proving his caliber in the form of an electrical examination on finishing his electrical apprenticeship.


In order for electrical contractors to gain repeat customers they need to prove their worthiness and reliability. More important still, is the need for the electrical contractor to be seen as competent, by providing a certified electrician on all projects large and small.

Providing an electrical service needs to come with some guarantees. Both residential electrical service and commercial electrical service have to be compliant. It is therefore the duty of the electrical contractor to ensure that his staff are adequately trained.

Al types of electrical works including electrical repair, electrical service or even portable appliance testing needs documenting. The electrician certification needs to handed over to the customer; this can only be achieved if the installation or repair is a carried out by a California certified electrician.

Those looking to join this vastly developing sector will need to play along. In order to become a certified electrician an electrical apprenticeship will need to have been completed, with a suitable pass rate attained. There are several electrical colleges in your area that will be able to advise you on the courses they offer.

To become a California State certified electrician and being able to work without supervision an apprenticeship ranging from 3 to 5 years is considered the norm. You will also be expected to serve your time as an apprenticeship to a Journeyman electrician and quite possibly a master electrician. I order to gain your qualification, you will be well versed on the electrical building codes`and electrical theory and complete several practical assignments.

The majority of California electrical apprenticeship programs will come with a salary. Donʼt kid yourself in thinking that this will be a substantial amount, youʼre gaining the qualification. One that will enable you to earn a fine living later. You will be working had now and reaping the rewards later.To become a certified electrician you will have to have completed at least 144 hours of classroom training, a relevant degree and maybe another 2/3 years of onsite electrical training.

The training will be tailored to each individual course. An electrical service electrician are trained in all business styles, residential, industrial and commercial installations. The examination will reflect just what skill level you are and determine whether your employer is likely to offer you future employment. The training and qualification does vary somewhat from state to state, meaning that further training may be required. If working between states is something that you are likely to encounter further down the road then it is very likely that some additional qualifications may be a requirement.

Electrical services come in many shapes and sizes. You neednʼt become a service electrician at all. You could look to become a marine electrician, theater or aircraft electrician. That is what makes this industry so wonderful, there is an array of choice, a job to suit many. By getting your foot into the door of one field, should limit you from encountering another.

The importance however is that you become a certified electrician, making you attractive and employable.


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