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Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Test – The Pharmacy Tech Certification Revealed

The pharmacy technician test is designed to measure the competency of the Walgreen’s Pharmacy Technician. The exam also tests the level of quality of a pharmacy technician employed in the pharmacy setting. Certification is granted towards the passing candidate. Though no formal education is needed for some Pharmacies where on the job training is sufficient to get employment inside a pharmacy. But, acquiring a Certification offers various benefits, for example better career, greater salary and wider understanding of medication area. You will find many community schools, colleges, trade schools an internet-based courses, which prepares you to pass a pharmacy technician test.

pharmacy tech schoolThe pharmacy technician test in the USA is regulated by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) The foundation from the Certification test would be to measure the abilities and characteristics of the technician, for undertaking important customer and patient related job functions in the pharmacy. The duties likewise incorporate, safely supplying medicines for patients in hospitals and public pharmacies.

The pharmacy technician test is targeted at testing your understanding on extremely important things associated with your training as a pharmacy technician. Additionally, you will be examined to discover just how much you understand certain fundamental skills associated with the profession of the pharmacy technician. The exam range from the various responsibilities that the pharmacy technician is anticipated to do inside a hospital setting.

The walgreens pharmacy technician test is really a condition based exam and given through the (PTCB). You must be no less than 18 years old and at least posses a high school diploma. You should also have no prior felony charges or drug related convictions or you will be denied entrance to the exam by the board of pharmacy.

PTCB was established in 1995 for planning and offering consolidated national certification program that’ll be relevant to any or all technicians in various kinds of Pharmacy practice settings. The primary purpose of a pharmacy technician certification would be to test the abilities of pharmacy professionals, for aiding licensed pharmacist in safely serving customers and patients.

The exam materials for that certification will be prepared by the (CCPTRP) Certification Council and Pharmacy Technician Resource Panel. The panel has professional experts from many health and pharmacy related fields, for example a pharmacy technician, CPhTs, pharmacy technician teachers along with other technicians, who posses knowledge within this area. PTCB certification can also be duly recognized and accredited by NCCA.

A Few Details To Know When Taking The Pharmacy Tech Certification Test:

1. Certification test consists of total 140 questions.pharmacy technician pay

2. 125 questions are multiple choice scoring questions.

3. 15 questions are multiple choice non scoring questions.

4. Time permitted for that completing test is 3 hrs.

5. Responding to of questions increases scoring level.

To keep your Certification, it’s also necessary to complete 20 credit hrs of Ongoing Education, including 10 credit hrs college learning and 10 credit hrs externship, underneath the direct supervision of the Pharmacist within 24 months of Certification. The Ongoing Education should be finished prior to the expiry from the Certification or within 24 months from the Certification.

Passing the pharmacy technician test enables a technician, better employment possibilities and additional career developments in Pharmacy sector. Any technician that’s has passed the test and holds the certification can certainly get employment within the many different pharmacy settings. PTCB certification will also be recognized across the country as a accredited Certification.


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