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Walgreen’s Pharmacy Technician Requirements – Is a Pharmacy Tech License Needed?

You might be wondering exactly what the pharmacy technician requirements are for that state that you live. That’s a necessary consideration to keep in mind because to be able to legally practice in a particular state you may want to get registered, licensed, or certified. The pharmacy technician registration and license process is thus something you should know about in regards to your state. Only a handful of states require certification of pharmacy technicians, but more require registration.wlagreens-pharmacy-tech-license

The minimum walgreens pharmacy technician requirements include, no prior felony record or drug related criminal acts, excellent math and reading skills and a senior high school diploma or at least a GED.

Pharmacy technician requirements will be different with each state. Although some States you don’t even need a pharmacy technician license however, getting the proper training along with a certification will most definitely be seen as plus by potential employer and may mean greater pay.

Pharmacy technician requirements also rely on in where the tech is employed. Individuals who operate in hospital pharmacies will discover themselves largely filling orders from doctors, while individuals employed in the retail pharmacy industry will discover they may be requested to fill medications directly for patients. Documents and filing insurance claim requirements differ for every job type. For states needing certification, however, the fundamental requirement is identical for just about any pharmacy technician position. Understanding the rules and requirements inside your job is unquestionably extremely important.

Pharmacy technician training programs are accredited through the American Society of Health-System Pharmacy technician (ASHP). You’ll find a course directory of all the accredited programs online. These training programs are situated mainly in technical schools, community schools, and vocational schools, though you will find additionally a couple of situated in colleges along with other locations. The programs train all the needed abilities for pharmacy technician, like the names and dosages of various medicines, pharmaceutical law, pharmaceutical terminology, proper documentation and ethics. When a student has completed all the pharmacy technician requirements from a 2 year program, they’ll be granted a certificate and an AS degree, or diploma with respect to the program.

Most states don’t have pharmacy technician requirements regarding certification, but companies usually prefer individuals who’ve taken the certification exams provided by the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) given that they determine if someone has gained this certification they’ve the required abilities to become a pharmacy technician.

licensed-walgreens-pharmacy-techAs mentioned before programs that satisfy all pharmacy technician requirements are mostly found in vocational tech schools, community colleges and regional vocational schools but some colleges and universities offer pharmacy technician training programs as well. These programs teach the skills and knowledge that meet the pharmacy technician requirements, including information on medications, calculations, law and ethical considerations, pharmaceutical techniques and terminology, and record keeping.

Licensed pharmacy technician requirements include a passing score on the certification exams pointed out above, and finishing 20 hrs of ongoing education every 2 yrs to be able to keep the certification current. You may be are able to challenge the licensed pharmacy technician requirements without attending a proper program, however, it may be much easier to understand the data required to pass the exams once you’ve attended a formal study program.


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