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Understanding The Importance of Receiving Pharmacy Technician Certification from CSULB

Pharmacist technicians play a vital role in the operation and productivity of a pharmacy.  While they are not required to obtain 4 years of specialized training like a pharmacist, the need for a pharmacy technician certification exists in this high demand career.  Currently, there are no federal laws governing pharmacy technicians themselves.  While some states do require technicians to be enrolled with the medical board prior to practicing, most do not require a technician to be certified.  The need for a certification is more based on the wants of an employer.  With so many candidates applying for these jobs today, it is important to show your drive and dedication by receiving a certification.  CSULB Certification programs assist students in building a foundational understanding of your duties and responsibilities.  While much is learned on the job, those with a certificate will have bargaining power in terms of positions and salary.

While you may understand the benefits of enrolling in a CSULB certification course, it is important to do your research on the available institutes in your area.  Accredited institutions are located all across the nation, and each of them has a different reputation in the industry.  Choosing an organization with a longswalgreens-pharmacytanding history in the field you are studying is important to ensure the educational foundation is something that will suit your learning style.

Most certification programs require the same prerequisites across the board.  You will be required to have a high school diploma, GED or non-US qualification that is equivalent to the prior.  The State Board of Pharmacy will need to approved your application for certification based on a clear criminal record with no drug related offenses.  Because it is easy for a tech to abuse their position, they are held to high standards.

Becoming a pharmacy technician takes a relatively short period of time.  If you are serious about receiving training to better your life and your income earning potential, choose a stable and secure career like that of pharmaceuticals.  With the growing demand for technicians, more and more programs are opening up in your area.  Review rankings and research these programs before choosing which is right for you.


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