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Training to Become a California Teacher Online – What, Why and How?

A lot of people have been asking me exactly how it is possible to become a teacher through online training and so I thought upgraders very quick blog post to help you understand exactly what online teacher training encompasses and why it can be very beneficial to you (if you’re looking to train in the State of California then read California teacher certification online).

Why are Online Training Courses Being Offered?

So the great thing about becoming a teacher at the moment is there is quite a big shortage in teachers in many states and as the supply and demand rule dictates, if something is in great demand and low supply then you can often attract very competitive rates and a good position. And this is no exception beakers currently in a teaching industry schools are really crying out for talented, young professionals who can teach in certain subjects. And to encourage the growth of up-and-coming teaching professionals, a number of new initiatives have been brought in in many states to encourage new applications. One of them is the ability to learn and go through an approved teaching education program online as opposed to the conventional means of training whereby you have to actually attend meetings in a face-to-face lecture fashion.

What are the Benefits of an Online Teacher Training Program?

To you, this means that you now have the ability to study to become an approved teacher and to grant your teacher certification in your own time and in the comfort of your own home as long as you have a computer and obviously an Internet connection. This is especially useful for a lot of people who are studying towards their teacher certification but have a full-time job at the same time. Whereas a couple of years ago these kind of people would really struggle to get their teaches defecation, they can now do the studying in their own time over webinars and video streaming.csulb-Study-Plan

How Do I Train Online?  What is the Process?

So how does this exactly work? How can one train to become a teacher virtually over the internet? The process to becoming a teacher online is just the same as it is off-line and the only difference between the two programs is the delivery of the training lessons. Lots of the lessons are delivered through what’s called webinars — these are interactive online programs whereby you can see the board of the teacher virtually on your screen and you can interact with other participants and the teacher should you have any questions.

Another popular method for delivering lessons online is through recorded videos. So, for instance, a teacher will record a PowerPoint presentation as a video file and upload it to a certain page on the Internet and of course as a student you will be given access to this video, you’ll be able to download the content and of course you’ll be able to watch and take notes in your own time.

So as you can see, the benefits of this kind of training come mainly in the form of flexibility but beyond this you also have the ability to save material and revisited as and when you feel the need to.

Who is this For / Not for?

Whilst this kind of training is very attractive to many people, especially those people who find it difficult to commit to a training program during the day because they have a full-time job, the online training program is not right for everybody and the reason I say that is because you need to work in an autonomous fashion and you need to be very self-motivated. If you don’t do the work, or if you fall behind schedule, there won’t be anybody there to give you a kick to get you back on track so that something that you really have to stick to and be disciplined with.

Sometimes you’ll be required to send work into the admin or your teacher and you can do this by simply creating your documents on your computer and uploading documents to the server where it will be marked and sent back to you


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