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Three Top Career Paths Within the Medical Field

There is no doubt about it – jobs in the medical field are in high demand. In fact, many employers are finding that there simply are not enough qualified individuals to fill their open positions. While pretty much every job within the medical field is in great demand, there are a few that are in particularly high demand that also offer a very attractive salary. Here is a look at some of the top careers in the medical field that are worth a second look.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses perform a variety of functions within the healthcare industry, with some of those functions varying according to the workplace setting. For example, some RNs may assist primarily with delivering babies and taking care of newborns while others might work in the emergency room. Yet others might work in a doctor’s office assisting with basic check-ups.online-nursing-schools

Although there are some alternate options for obtaining a degree in nursing, most RNs go to school for four years to earn a bachelor’s degree. After earning your bachelor’s degree, you may choose to pursue a master’s degree in order to obtain a higher-level position in the field. Either way, you can expect to earn a very attractive income. In fact, the average salary for Registered Nurses was $63,750 in 2009. Those who obtain jobs as head nurses or unit masters can expect to earn even more.

Radiologic Technologist

As a radiologic technologist, your job is to administer MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds and mammography exams. Due to the increasing age of the population coupled with advancements in digital imaging, employment opportunities in the field are expected to grow faster than the average occupation over the next several years.

For those who are interested in working as a radiologic technologist, it is only necessary to earn an associate’s degree in the field. Yet, despite the fact that it only takes two years to launch a career in the field, the average salary for those working in this field is an attractive $57,000. Those who move up to become supervisors or department administrators can expect to earn even more.

Pharmacy Technician

pharmacy-certificationPharmacy technicians provide assistance to pharmacists as they prepare prescription medications for patients. Although the exact duties the pharmacist technician varies according to state regulations, pharmacist technicians are able to perform many of the same tasks as the pharmacist. With the growing demand for prescription medication coupled with attempts by pharmacies to cut back on costs, the demand for pharmacy technicians continues to grow as well.

Those who are interested in working in this field can get started in the career by earning an associate’s degree or certificate through a private organization. After completing the necessary education, pharmacy technicians can expect to earn an average annual salary of $35,000.


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