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The Sonography Salary: What Affects the Bottom Line?

A sonography salary, like most other salaries, is dependent on several factors like experience, area of expertise, work environment and geographical location. A fresh graduate can expect to earn roughly around $20 an hour as salary but this can go up as your tenure improves. It can even increase up to 50 percent more if you have at least ten years of working experience.

You can also increase your salary by rendering overtime every now and then and the additional compensation would depend on state-specific regulations on overtime pay. However, the standard set by the United States Department of Labor is that the employer is required to pay one and half times more for the employee’s overtime work.

It is also possible to improve your current salary by requesting to be put on-call. This simply means that the hospital or medical practitioner can call on you at any time of the day and any day of the week.  It also means that regardless if you are on vacation or not; if they call, you have to report to work.  This is why they pay you that premium on your salary.

Your sonography salary will also greatly depend on whether or not you work part-time or full-time.  You are often paid hourly for part-time work and monthly for full-time positions however; the hourly rate you see as your salary might cloud your better judgement for part-time positions. Although the salary is often perceived to be better for part-time workers since their hourly rate is much higher than those paid on a monthly basis, the monetary difference compensates for the lack of other non-monetary benefits like health care and retirement benefits.

The pay scale will also differ depending on your area of expertise along with your work environment. You will notice staggering differences in salaries for individuals working in a diagnostic laboratory, private hospital, clinic or public health centers even with the same experience and qualifications. For example, you might receive a much lower salary if you chose to work for a public hospital as compared to a private hospital or diagnostic laboratory since you are being paid using the taxpayers’ money.

The salary will also depend on the cost of living and economic status of your geographical location.  Cities with higher costs of living like New York and Los Angele’s tend to give a generous salary as compared to organizations located in smaller cities like Birmingham. Moreover, cities with economic problems might also offer a lower salary regardless of its cost of living expenses but it is also possible for cities with low costs of living to offer a generous salary especially if there is a shortage of professionals in the vicinity. ultrasound-technician-salary

The Sonography Salary: What is the Bottom Line?

The average salary for fresh graduates would range around $40,000 – $50,000 per annum.  However, the salary can go as high as $64,000 to $90,000 a year for those with at least ten years of working experience especially if you are working in the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Conneticut and Massachusetts.

The Sonography Salary: The Non-monetary Benefits

It is important to also consider the non-monetary benefits or incentives aside from the sonography salary because it can also help you save a lot of money in the long run. These non-monetary benefits are often offers to full-time employees but part-time employees can also enjoy these benefits depending on your employer.

The typical non-monetary compensation is usually equivalent to twenty to fifty percent of the person’s monetary compensation.  This is especially good for applicants since with the high unemployment rate, one can’t expect too much in terms of monetary compensation. The non-monetary compensation can actually be the deal maker or deal breaker with any job application so it is important that you review it just as thoroughly.

The non-monetary benefits can include a lot of things from free coffee in the pantry, free or discounted parking to health, dental or vision insurance or the government-mandated unemployment and worker’s compensation, Medicare and social security.  In some instances, generous employers also provide comprehensive retirement packages for their employees to reward loyalty which is why it is also important to consider the non-monetary benefits equally with the sonography salary.


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