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Should You Be Worried About Launching a Green Career in California Healthcare?

If you have been looking for a green career path to follow, you have likely read over and over again that the healthcare industry is the place to look for great job opportunities. While it is true that this industry has suffered far less than other industries – with more than half a million jobs being added to the industry since the recession began – it is important to note that California’s healthcare industry is still facing some problems due to the recession.

csulb-nursing-programYou might be surprised to learn that the recession has taken its toll on the healthcare industry. Some hospitals, for example, have had to downsize or put a freeze on hiring, while others have had to close their doors completely. Why? Simply put, just like the rest of us, hospitals are having a difficult time securing the funding they need from lenders. Furthermore, as the recession takes it toll on consumers, more and more people are deciding to put off getting the medical care they need. As a result, the Labor Department reports that the number of people employed by hospitals actually went down last month.

Despite the troubles that hospitals are facing, workforce experts still maintain that the slow down will only be short term. Furthermore, other areas of the healthcare industry are still doing quite well. In fact, more nursing jobs were added in ambulatory health services as well as in residential services.

A study that was recently conducted by Beacon Economics helps to further shed light upon our country’s need for qualified healthcare professionals. According to the report, which focused specifically on the healthcare industry in California, the need for qualified allied healthcare workers is going to be extreme by the time 2030 rolls around. In fact, the researchers estimate that the state will need to have 1.2 million healthcare workers by net year and 2 million by 2030. When adding annual turnover rates to the equation, the need for more healthcare workers becomes even greater. So, despite the fact that employment opportunities at hospitals have taken a bit of a step backward, you can rest assured that job security is still high within the healthcare industry.


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