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Scholarships For California State University Students – Tips and Information

High school students who are planning on getting post secondary education need to consider the cost of school.  If you aren’t fortunate enough to have your family pay for your education, you need to look at different sources of college funding that are available.  Anyone who is looking to find CSU scholarships for high school students needs to ensure they look at a number of resources.csu-scholarships

Students who excel scholastically will have no problem getting a college scholarship.  Most colleges will offer specific incentives to attract students that have good grades.  These incentives will often include money to help students cover the cost of their tuition and education.  Other financial aid that is commonly given out by colleges and universities is athletic scholarships.

CSULB entrance scholarships are often reserved for first year college students who achieve a certain GPA.  Each college or post secondary institution will have student criteria for their entrance awards.  Be sure to talk to the institutions financial aid office to find out more information on entrance awards that are available.

Another great source of financial assistance for school is through private organizations that are available.  Programs like the Coca Cola Scholars programs, offers money to high school seniors who are looking to purse a degree at a post secondary institution.  There are thousands of scholarship opportunities from different organizations.

Most large companies such as Walmart, Coca Cola, Starbucks, and McDonalds all offer thousands of scholarships available to students looking to attend post secondary education.  Most of this money is designated for employees who are currently working at the organization.

Unions are also another source of funding for college that many students overlook.  If you have a family member that is in a union, see if they offer any funding for education.  Larger unions have major programs that are designed to provide scholarships to family of union members.

Those students who are planning on attending a specialized program of education should look at program specific scholarships.  If you are going into computer science you may be eligible for specific grants and scholarships for that field of study.  Do a specific search for scholarships that are related to your programs of study to find something that you can apply for.

csulb-scholarshipThe key to getting scholarships for high school students is to research the different awards and scholarships that are available in your local area.  Talking to a high school counselor regarding local CSU scholarship opportunities is often the best place to start looking for financial assistance for post secondary education.


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