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Occupancy Sensors

Beginning in the summer, the interns have been working with Paul Wingco, the energy and sustainability manager from hobo_meterthe facilities department to update light sensors in classrooms. Intern Felix is the lead on this project; he is going around the CSULB campus and installing HOBO meters (light sensitive instruments that continuously record the time and duration lights are on/off) into classrooms. These meters allow Felix to determine whether the sensor in the classroom is working properly. He then forwards this information to Paul who can get a new sensor installed or replaced. By identifying default occupancy sensors, the interns have found a potential savings of 31,000 kilowatt-hours per year, which translates to $4,000 cost savings per year for CSULB. Upon completion of this project, the campus could save $40,000 per year.

ENERGY STAR Vending Machines

energystar_vendingThe CSULB Green Campus Program interns collaborated with the Forty-Niner Shops, Inc. and Coca-Cola to replace some of the old vending machines throughout campus with new ENERGY STAR machines. ENERGY STAR qualified machines incorporate more efficient compressors, fan motors, and lighting systems to keep beverages cold while using less energy than older machines, and can be up to 50% more energy efficient than standard machines. The interns collected energy use data from two Coca Cola drinking machines using a watts up pro data logger. The ENERGY STAR machine resulted in a 49% reduction in total energy use compared to the older machine. After showing how beneficial the switch could be, the Forty-Niner Shops, Inc. arranged for 19 machines to be swapped out for ENERGY STAR models. This upgrade will save 47,785Kwh, a total of $4,779 per year. For more information on these machines, check out the ENERGY STAR website.

2010 Residential Life Energy Competition

Beginning October 1st, students living on campus at CSULB were challenged to participate in a month long Energy Competition. The goal was for students to work together inwinner_rectangle teams to reduce their electric and gas consumption as much as possible compared to their usage the month before the competition. Students were split into three teams based on which dorm they live in, Residence, RLC, and Parkside. Pizza parties were awarded to the weekly winners, and the overall winners won a night in the University Student Union Games area. The winners were Team RLC (pictured right). For details about the energy savings and overall results, visit the Energy Competition Standings page.


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