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Long Beach Testing Wind Powered Electricity?

Wind is one of the most readily available natural sources of free renewable energy on our planet. It’s power can be effortlessly harnessed for various purposes such as propelling a wind mill to churn out mechanical energy or wind pump to pump out water. It’s most useful purpose is to generate electricity by converting the kinetic force of the wind with the help of wind turbines. This process of conversion of wind energy is known as wind power. During this process of converting wind into wind power, electricity is produced which services our green  energy needs in a sustainable fashion.california-wind-power

Wind power does not produce any kind of pollution which makes it a clean and eco-friendly way of electricity generation. It uses turbines for power generation that work with the help of the turbine’s key component, the wind mill. These wind mills are often erected in large numbers at special locations known as wind farms where they rotate with the direction of the wind for maximum power generation, more recently consumer level home based wind power systems have become available which give individual households the ability to capitalize on this free energy source as well. At large wind farms, once the turbines generate wind power electricity is transferred through a power collection system to a substation where its voltage is increased by using transformers. In consumer level wind power kits, this conversion is done via a small inverter.

Typical wind farms are vast acres of open land that are situated in windy areas. They may contain from a dozen to a few hundred of these wind turbines. Since wind is the vital component of this process, areas for wind farms are decided with the help of a wind atlas and then verified with wind measurements. Apart from land, wind farms are also developed on water. These farms are known as off shore wind farms.

As more and more emphasis is laid upon developing wind power, electricity generation through renewable resources will gain tremendous support. Companies like GE and Enercon are among the top contributors in the manufacturing of wind turbines. Among its latest projects GE is developing an off shore wind farm in Lake Erie in Cleveland. For that it is erecting 300ft tall wind turbines which will be funded and developed by GE.

Global warming is no longer a threat yet to come, it has already made its presence known. In order to curb this situation before it gets any worse we need to change our ways of depending on fossil fuels for our energy needs and start developing alternative renewable sources of energy. Wind power electricity is just one of the many sources available and with the help of affordable home based wind power kits there is no reason not to begin using this free energy resource today.


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