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Keeping it Green | Home Energy Efficiency Audits

With the growing population, the need for energy is also rising. The speed at which our energy resources are being depleted is alarming. Energy is an important part of our everyday life. It is used in almost every sphere of our daily activities. From lighting a light bulb to powering an industrial unit, energy is required f almost everything. The fast pace of development has transformed earth into an industrial planet. This has increased our need for energy resources. Since we have a limited amount of energy resources available to us we must learn to conserve energy. To use less energy we must make sure that are homes and other places are energy efficient. This can be done by doing an energy efficiency

Usually these audits are carried out in big industrial plants as their energy utilization is huge and quite expensive. Energy efficiency audits can help them in determining the required energy consumption rate and how to fulfill that requirement in an efficient and conservative way. This kind of audit is carried out by professionally trained people called the energy managers. They keep a check on the energy utilization of the plant and implement ways and techniques to lower the energy consumption rate making the plant more energy efficient.

You can also carry out an energy efficiency audit for your home. This will not only help you in lowering down your energy consumption rate but would also let you make a considerable amount of saving on your energy bill. These audits let you find out the leakage spots in your home. Air leaks are the number one cause of loosing heat during winters and air conditioned air during summers. Once you determine where the leaks are, fill those spaces with the appropriate material or sealant. Also make sure that your house has proper insulation levels. For old houses it is recommendable to add extra insulation material as their structure is quite old and can develop many cracks or leaks.

Another way of making your house more energy conducive after carrying out an energy efficiency audit is to buy only energy efficient appliances. These appliances have an energy meter on them which lets you see the amount of energy being utilized. If you are not sure as to how to conduct this audit, you can alternatively employ the services of a home energy assessor who would be in a better position to assist you in it.


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