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Job Duties of a Walgreens Pharmacy Technician

Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Job Description and Environment

As long as an individual goes through the process of becoming a certified pharmacy technician or getting similar education, the duties that these professionals are responsible for should not be too difficult especially for the responsibilities that are performed in the working environment. On the other hand, while receiving and filling prescription requests from nurses, patients or hospitals may sound like an easy task, the hard part comes when an individual is responsible for knowing about all of thewalgreens-pharmacy names, uses, actions and doses of the medication they are working with. Because there are so many different types of medication, no employer or instructor will expect someone to know everything or know an incredible amount after just a week or two, however, those that are able to consume the most information and match that with an excellent memory will have a great opportunity to advance faster than others in both pharmacy technician pay and position.

Some other duties that a Walgreen’s pharmacy tech  is responsible for includes preparing, pricing and filing prescriptions for pharmacists to check which is yet another mindless kind of task that truly requires no expertise or skill to accomplish. Furthermore, preparing insurance claim forms is another one of the responsibilities that pharmacy technician jobs are responsible for and while this is definitely different than some of the other tasks, there is no reason that this task could be enjoyable in any way, shape or form. Answering phones, maintaining inventory, maintaining patient profiles as well as handling money and doing cash register duties are some of the basic tasks that pharmacy technicians are responsible for if there are no pharmacy aides around to perform these duties. With the knowledge of all the tasks that this profession demands, it becomes easily capable for an individual to write an incredible pharmacy technician resume so that they can have a much better chance at nailing a position.

In the case of the job environment for Walgreens pharmacy technicians, these individuals will only be finding themselves in clean, organized, well-ventilated and well-lighted areas. All of these play a very important role in the success of a pharmacy, drug store or hospital in the pharmaceutical department because without all four of these the ability to succeed completely will be taken away. For those that are looking to get into the profession after reading all of the duties that are demanded, take the time to look at a pharmacy technician test to see the type and kind of questions that are asked to see if they still sound desirable. All in all, while a certified pharmacy technician salary will definitely be higher than someone who has not been certified, another known fact is that people who are able to perform their duties correctly and efficiently will have the best chances of getting promotions or raises.


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