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Essential Green Living Tips for Everyday Life

Many people have already turned there lives around and adapted a green lifestyle that boosts booth economic and environmental benefits. Though there are a lot off us that are curious about pursuing these same benefits, it can often be difficult to find solid easy to use information to help reach this goal. To help you in your journey we have compiled a brief over view of what it means to live a green lifestyle as well as some practical green living tips. First we will discuss what living green means, then we will go over all the benefits to be had when you decide to go green. Finally we’ll go over some of the most practical, easy to use green living tips and how to integrate them into your daily routine.

First off, its critical that you understand that living green is not an off the shelf lifestyle. Though your purchases do play a major role, all the eco-friendly gadgets and hybrid cars in the world won’t make you green if you do not adopt the a eco-conscious state of mind. There will be a need to change some of your habits, but most of these changes are quite easy and only serve in your best interest.

One of the easiest places start your green living campaign is with what you put in your body. After all, how can you live green if YOU are not green? Adopting an organic eco-friendly diet has numerous health benefits in addition to the positive impact on the environment. When you go on your next grocery trip, try to stop by your local farmers market. Food that is grown locally and organically not only reduces pollutants used during traditional mass agricultural production but it it also saves tons of fossil fuels that would be needed to transport food that has to travel a great distance to reach your market. Florida oranges are great, but if you don’t live in Florida they really aren’t green.

There are other subtle changes you can make that will make a huge impact as well. For example, instead of driving your car (and burning fuel) take a walk or a bicycle ride for your daily errands. Its great for the environment and as well as your cardiovascular system. One of the oldest, yet still greatly unused, green living tips is to always recycle. Don’t ever throw away old clothes, why throw them when you can donate them to homeless people or a charitable organization? Also start using rechargeable batteries, one-time usage batteries when disposed release a great deal of toxins contaminating the air and soil.

Some people don’t see buying in bulk as a true green living lifestyle choice, but they just aren’t looking close enough. Bulk purchases save on natural resources used for packaging, non biodegradable waste produced by packaging, and fossil fuels that are used in the production and transportation used to produce consumer products.

water-conservationWater conservation is another green living tip that is a must in the pursuit of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Everyday gallons upon gallons of clean drinkable water are wasted for no good reason. Investing in a water-saving shower or decreasing the volume of your bath is certainly a huge step towards going green. Low-flow faucets and shower heads are very affordable and will save you even more money in the long run on your water bill.


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