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CSULB Green Campus Answer the Question | What is Green Energy?

With all the discussion surrounding alternative energy one of the most fundamental questions is often over looked. Though its fairly easy to guess, many people still have ask: What is green energy? The basic answer is very simple, its any form of energy that is produced with minimal negative impact on the environment, but to gain a true understanding of this term we need to delve a little deeper. In this article we will discuss the current state of the environment caused by our energy consumption as well as the available sources of clean renewable energy and how you can tap into these free green energy sources.

Green house gases are one of the main reasons for the ever growing need for green energy. With today’s pollution levels going up considerably due to the harmful gases exposed in the air, our environment faces a real challenge in staying healthy and livable. These harmful gases are produced due to the use of fossil fuels in all aspects of our daily activities. From driving an automobile to powering a factory and generating household electricity, our dependence on fossil fuels is immense. To control this situation we need to lower our dependence on fossil fuels and opt for a cleaner alternative sources of energy, green energy. Most of us think of renewable green energy as simply solar or wind based power but this isn’t the case. Green energy is any form of energy whose production has very low (if any) negative impact on the environment. Its production causes little or no waste in stark contrast to energy produced by burning fossil fuels. In other words, green energy is energy from any source which leaves a very low carbon footprint.

There are various sources of green energy, among the most popular are solar, wind, and hydro based sources. Even geothermal and nuclear energy are considered “green” because of their low waste output. Wind powered electricity is a form of energy that is generated by using wind turbines to harness the kinetic force of the wind. In the case of solar power; electricity is generated with the help of solar cells that absorb the suns radiation and convert it into electricity. Both of these resources are renewable and do not harm the environment. Hydro powered energy on the other hand uses free flowing water to generate electricity. These sources of clean energy do not produce a high carbon footprint and are therefore considered “green”.

Now that we know what green energy is, why not try using and producing it at a more personal level for immediate economic and ecological gains. Affordable home based solar power systems are readily available and can be fitted alongside any home. There are even do-it-yourself wind turbine kits that show you how to easily construct your own wind power system at the fraction of the cost of commercial units. The energy produced by these systems can be used to power everything from small household appliances to your entire home. Green energy is a clean and pure alternative to fossil fuels and with the advances in consumer ready systems there is no reason you shouldn’t start taking advantage of free sustainable green energy.


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