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CSU College Scholarships for High School Seniors

For many students high school represents a time of growth and maturity.  This is the period of time that allows you to transition from adolescence to adulthood.  Students who plan on attending a post secondary institute to further their education should consider financial aid that is available.  There are a number of college scholarships for high school seniors and juniors that can help you fund your education.

Most students who apply to colleges don’t consider the scholarships and grants that are available.  While it can be a challenge to get approval for a scholarship, it is always applying for one.  The application will only take you a short amount of time if you have all the information readily available.  Students who are awarded scholarships can receive anything from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.CSU-High-School-ScholarshipsWhen it comes to applying for college scholarships for high school seniors it is important to understand that the scholarships come from a number of different sources.  By understanding where these awards and scholarships come from, students can submit a number of applications to different places.  Using the following list can help you determine some potential financial assistance programs that you are eligible for.

College Scholarships

CSU Athletic Scholarships

The most common type of scholarships given to high school seniors are from the college themselves.  If you are applying for a college you should see what type of financial assistance they offer first year students.  You will find funds that are available to students who come from all walks of life.

A popular way for athletes to pay their way through school is through athletic scholarships offered by colleges and universities.  These scholarships are given out to students who excel in specific sports that are available at the college.  If the university has a good basketball program they will probably have a good scholarship program for their basketball team.

CSU-Athletic-ScholarshipsSince there are over $1 billion dollars of athletic scholarships that are awarded each year, these are by far the most competitive scholarships that are available.  If you currently excel in a sport you should go to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) website and start looking into different scholarship opportunities available for high school seniors.

Academic Scholarships and Awards

Academic scholarships and awards are given out to those students who excel in their scholastics.  Academic awards are designed to help persuade potential students that the college is the best place for them to study.  These scholarships are usually based on the final GPA of the student applying to the college.

Students who are keen on applying for an academic award need to find out information about specific awards that are available.  Most colleges offer information about their academic scholarships that are available through their school website.  There are usually specific entrance related scholarships that students receive in their freshman year of college.

Departmental scholarships and awards are given to students in specific departments.  High school students that know what major they are going to go into can look for a departmental scholarship.  There are different criteria that are used to determine the fund allocation.

Any high school student that is interested in applying for an academic scholarship or award should contact the universities financial aid department.  This department can provide all the necessary information regarding the scholarship application process and requirements.

Private Sources of Funding

An excellent source of college scholarships for high school seniors is through private organizations.  There are many organizations that offer students scholarships from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  These scholarships are designed to help students achieve success through financial assistance.

Corporate Funding

High school students who are currently working for a corporation or organization such as McDonalds or Burger King should seek information regarding scholarships that are available.  Most of the larger corporations offer thousands of scholarship and award opportunities to employees who want to pursue further education.csulb-scholarships

Certain corporations that have a lot of high school students in their workforce offer awards for any student looking to pursue a post secondary education.  Always check with your current employer and see if you are eligible for an award that can go towards your education.  Most companies have complete programs established to provide financial assistance employees looking to attend school.

Religious Organization Assistance

A lot of religious organizations provide assistance for students who are planning on attending university. High school seniors who are currently attending a church should see if there is any financial aid available.  These awards are usually available in larger congregations with lots of church members.

Specialized Assistance Programs

There are a number of charities and organizations that offer scholarship opportunities to students who suffer from specific disabilities.  For example, students who are blind can apply for financial assistance to help them with their impairment.  They are also programs that are designed to assist students who have mental limitations or handicaps.

When applying for school assistance for people with disabilities, it is important to look at organizations and charities that are tied to the disability.  This is a good way to get financial assistance that can help you throughout your college and university period.

Local School District Funding

csu-student-scholarshipsThere are a number of csu scholarships and awards that are given out internally within high schools.  Always check within your local high school district to determine any type of awards and scholarships that are available.  Talking to your school counselor is a good place to look for any local high school scholarships that are available.

Military Scholarships and Aid

It is well known that the military provides financial assistance to its members that decide to pursue a further education.  If you are planning on joining the military you will receive financial assistance that can help you achieve your educational goals.  Talk to your local military recruitment branch to find out more information on these scholarships that are offered to service members.

There are also designated scholarships that are set aside for children of family members serving in the armed forces.  Anyone who has a parent that is currently active in the army should also see potential funding opportunities for university.

Federal Sources of Financial Aid

The federal government recognizes the importance of having an educated population.  For this reason they offer over $33 billion in financial aid to post secondary students every year.  This aid comes in a number of forms that are available for students to apply.

The most common type of federal need based aid that is available is Pell grants, Stafford loans, supplemental education opportunity grants, work study and Perkins loans.  These funding opportunities for college students are designed to help ensure that every student has an opportunity to attend their college of choice.  Students who are looking for csu college scholarships for high school seniors should consider these grants and student aid programs that are available.csulb-student-aid

Anyone who is looking to apply for federal funding should visit the website studentaid.ed.gov to find out more information on the various types of scholarships and grants available.  Look up the exact requirements for the grants before you decide to send in your application.

Find the Right Scholarship

After reading this list of college scholarships for high school seniors you should have a number of sources to find financial aid for your school.  Because scholarships represent an easy way to get free financial assistance for your school, it is important for you to look around different opportunities that are available.

The key to getting any source of funding approved is research.  Find out the exact requirement of the scholarship or grant before you apply for it.  This can ensure that you are able to increase your chance of getting approved for funding.  Any student who is serious about getting financial aid for college should be resourceful when looking for funding sources.


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