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12 Interesting Historical Facts About Solar Energy

At one time, solar energy, along with water and wind energy, was viewed as a fad that came out of the onset of environmental concerns that arose early in the 1960’s rather than the necessity that it has truly become. 

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Green Home Building | Beneficial for the Environment

With more and more people going green in an effort to save the environment, the demand for eco-friendly green homes has been on the rise. Green home buildings are structures that are constructed to coincide with nature and the environment.

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Keeping it Green | Home Energy Efficiency Audits

With the growing population, the need for energy is also rising. The speed at which our energy resources are being depleted is alarming. Energy is an important part of our everyday life. It is used in almost every sphere of

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Being a Green Consumer | Trying to Live Green

The gotta-have-it life choices of the modern world have really damaged a great portion of our planet. We consume, consume, and consume. While no one is asking you to give up your weekend mall excursions, it is essential to realize

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Essential Green Living Tips for Everyday Life

Many people have already turned there lives around and adapted a green lifestyle that boosts booth economic and environmental benefits. Though there are a lot off us that are curious about pursuing these same benefits, it can often be difficult

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Spring and Summer 2011

SOAR nights at the Japanese Gardens Over the summer, CSULB invites newly accepted students to attend SOAR, which is student orientation and registration. The CSULB Green Campus Program interns wanted to welcome incoming students and introduce them to sustainability on

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Do it in the Dark 2010

About the Competition Do it in the Dark is a month long competition between the students who live in Parkside, Residence, and RLC to see who can save the most energy and water in the month of October. The savings

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Do it in the Dark 2011

For tips on how to save energy, check out our Living Green in Long Beach page. Read about how CSULB 49ers “do it better in the dark” than CSUF Titans!   Week 4 Congratulations to all of our teams this year, as every

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Energy Watchers

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