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California Solar Powered Homes A Green Awakening for the Rest of the Country

With the world poised for a revolutionary change, the green “awakening”, it is about time we start to incorporate that change into our daily lives. So where do we spend most of our lives and use the majority of our

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Long Beach Testing Wind Powered Electricity?

Wind is one of the most readily available natural sources of free renewable energy on our planet. It’s power can be effortlessly harnessed for various purposes such as propelling a wind mill to churn out mechanical energy or wind pump to pump

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CSULB Online Nursing Degree

Some Different Ways to Earn an Online Nursing Degree The health care industry has been experiencing a shortage of qualified nurses for some time now, and nurses graduating with the BSN degree or a certification are practically assured of a

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Living Green in Long Beach

General Energy Saving Tips Whether you live in Long Beach or not, these basic tips can help you greatly decrease your energy consumption. Unplug electronics when not in use. Splurge for a power strip, this makes turning off electronics quick and

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Energy Watchers

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