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California Teacher Certification – Your Complete Guide

The California teacher certification process can be a very rewarding experience. Individuals will find that this process includes a significant amount of training and education, but it can be a very good experience overall as it prepares you for the

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California Elementary School Teacher Requirements

The requirements for becoming an elementary school teacher vary from state to state, however they are largely very similar. The only differences tend to be the name and type of exam that you must sit before you can become a

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Take Action: Top 5 Tips on How to Advance a Green Career

Today’s world of endless choices in the workplace can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide the best course of action you should take to advance your green career. With these five simple tips, however, you will be

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California’s Top Five Highest Paying Green Careers for Women

It looks like women are taking over the work force in record numbers in the past few years.  In 2010, women represented 47 percent of the total work force development.  More than one third of these women worked in the

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Should You Be Worried About Launching a Green Career in California Healthcare?

If you have been looking for a green career path to follow, you have likely read over and over again that the healthcare industry is the place to look for great job opportunities. While it is true that this industry

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Interest in Green College Programs Continues to Grow

As interest in green careers continues to grow, so do the number of green degree programs being offered by colleges around the country. In fact, USA Today reports that more than 100 green certificate, minor and major programs were added

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4 Steps to Pointing Your Green Career in the Right Direction After Graduation

Are you a recent college graduate? If so, it is important for you to avoid falling into “autopilot” mode and simply taking on any job that you can. After all, not that you have your degree, it is time to

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California Colleges & Universities Expand On Line Course Options

What is the difference between a high school diploma and a college degree? According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, a college graduate earns – on average – at least $21,000 more per year. That is a pretty clear case

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California Vocational Training And Certificate Programs Show Strength In Job Market

Today’s job market is anything but robust, and education and job training are topics heading new broadcasts and conversations around the nation’s kitchen tables. Often the question is asked, “What are we as a nation doing to educate today’s workers for the

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Become a California Journeyman Electrician In a Few Simple Steps

Do you know what a California  journeyman electrician is?  Lots of people don’t know what a journeyman electrician is, more commonly known as an electrician. A Journeyman electrician electrician is a status of accomplishment within the electrical industry.  They are knowledgeable in

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Greeen Careers | Some Considerations With Regards Your Electrical Apprenticeship

If you have made the decision to become an electrician and enter an electrical apprenticeship to become a certified electrician, you may be asking yourself where to begin or what your first steps should be. First of all, you need to determine

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Everything You Need To Know About Being A California Electrical Inspector

Do you think you have what it takes to be a California electrical inspector? Electrical inspector is an in-demand skill in almost all businesses and real estate. It is where a person checks all equipment in a building to ensure it meets

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Why Do You Need Electrical Training? | State of California Training Program

Electrical training is a must if you are really serious on entering the electrical industry. A California State training program will teach you how to work as an electrician. It will give you the right tools and knowledge so that you

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