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Overview of a MBA Sustainability Business Degree

Many people are familiar with the terminology of a Masters in Business Administration, but a Green MBA may not be something most people will know. This is an MBA sustainability business degree which is primarily focused on corporate sustainability. A

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America’s Greenest Campus

“America’s Greenest Campus” campaign was brought to many colleges and universities in April 2009 in which they competed against each other to reduce their carbon footprints.  The campaign was initially created bySmart Power, a nonprofit clean energy marketing company, and Climate

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12 Interesting Historical Facts About Solar Energy

At one time, solar energy, along with water and wind energy, was viewed as a fad that came out of the onset of environmental concerns that arose early in the 1960’s rather than the necessity that it has truly become. 

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California Solar Powered Homes A Green Awakening for the Rest of the Country

With the world poised for a revolutionary change, the green “awakening”, it is about time we start to incorporate that change into our daily lives. So where do we spend most of our lives and use the majority of our

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Long Beach Testing Wind Powered Electricity?

Wind is one of the most readily available natural sources of free renewable energy on our planet. It’s power can be effortlessly harnessed for various purposes such as propelling a wind mill to churn out mechanical energy or wind pump to pump

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CSULB Green Campus Answer the Question | What is Green Energy?

With all the discussion surrounding alternative energy one of the most fundamental questions is often over looked. Though its fairly easy to guess, many people still have ask: What is green energy? The basic answer is very simple, its any

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Keeping it Green | Home Energy Efficiency Audits

With the growing population, the need for energy is also rising. The speed at which our energy resources are being depleted is alarming. Energy is an important part of our everyday life. It is used in almost every sphere of

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U.S. Green Colleges Embrace the Solar Energy Movement

Green Colleges across the country are looking for ways to “go green” on their campuses. Not only do eco-friendly changes help the colleges look more appealing to potential students, but many are finding that certain types of installations can go

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