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America’s Greenest Campus

“America’s Greenest Campus” campaign was brought to many colleges and universities in April 2009 in which they competed against each other to reduce their carbon footprints.  The campaign was initially created bySmart Power, a nonprofit clean energy marketing company, and Climate

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California Colleges & Universities Expand On Line Course Options

What is the difference between a high school diploma and a college degree? According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, a college graduate earns – on average – at least $21,000 more per year. That is a pretty clear case

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California Electrician Certification: A Step-By-Step Approach

If you want to enter one of the most profitable industries out there, then you should apply for electrician certification Certification nowadays is no longer an option. There are some states in the country that do not allow electricians to perform

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Long Beach Testing Wind Powered Electricity?

Wind is one of the most readily available natural sources of free renewable energy on our planet. It’s power can be effortlessly harnessed for various purposes such as propelling a wind mill to churn out mechanical energy or wind pump to pump

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CSULB Green Campus Answer the Question | What is Green Energy?

With all the discussion surrounding alternative energy one of the most fundamental questions is often over looked. Though its fairly easy to guess, many people still have ask: What is green energy? The basic answer is very simple, its any

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Green Home Building | Beneficial for the Environment

With more and more people going green in an effort to save the environment, the demand for eco-friendly green homes has been on the rise. Green home buildings are structures that are constructed to coincide with nature and the environment.

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Being a Green Consumer | Trying to Live Green

The gotta-have-it life choices of the modern world have really damaged a great portion of our planet. We consume, consume, and consume. While no one is asking you to give up your weekend mall excursions, it is essential to realize

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Why enroll for CSULB online courses?

CSULB online programs also called distance learning programs are offered in a mode that allows the students to choose how exactly they want to undertake their course. It’s becoming more and more popular especially in students who are pursing higher

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Which are the Best 10 CSULB Online Courses?

There are many csulb courses offered online but there are those that are mostly preferred by online learners where you would expect to find huge enrollments every year. These courses are the best in terms of being marketable and graduates

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10 Questions That You will Need to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling in a CSULB Online Course

 CSULB online courses open up many opportunities for those who seek them.  However, before you embark on this path, you need to find if you are able to study using this module.  To find out if you are capable you

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Do it in the Dark Energy Competition

For tips on how to save energy, check out our Living Green in Long Beach page. Do it in the Dark 2011 Do it in the Dark 2010 CNA programs in CA

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Summer Fall 2010

  Occupancy Sensors Beginning in the summer, the interns have been working with Paul Wingco, the energy and sustainability manager from the facilities department to update light sensors in classrooms. Intern Felix is the lead on this project; he is

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Summer and Fall 2010 Spring and Summer 2011 CNA Course in CA

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