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California’s Top Five Highest Paying Green Careers for Women

It looks like women are taking over the work force in record numbers in the past few years.  In 2010, women represented 47 percent of the total work force development.  More than one third of these women worked in the management, professional and related occupations.  In addition, women accounted for 52 percent in the top-paying sector.  Unfortunately, a pay gap continues to exist between men and women.  Women’s earnings remain at 80 percent of men’s earnings.  Based on the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau 2010 analysis, Forbes.com ranked women’s median weekly earnings as full-time wage and salary workers to uncover the highest paying careers for California women.high-paying-career-for-women



Median Weekly Earnings: $1,647

Median Yearly Earnings: $85,644

Percentage of Men’s Earnings: 84.9%

Education: PCAT, Pharmacy Degree & 6-7 years of collegiate study

Job Duties: Distribute pharmaceutical drugs


Median Weekly Earnings: $1,603

Median Yearly Earnings: $83,356

Percentage of Men’s Earnings: 80.1%

Education: Bachelor’s Degree of Graduate Degree in Business Administration

Job Duties: Hold overall responsibility for the operation of an organization, including corporate and small businesses


Median Weekly Earnings: $1,509

Median Yearly Earnings: $78,468

Percentage of Men’s Earnings: 77.5%

Education: LSAT, J.D. Degree & 7 years of collegiate study

Job Duties: Advocate in criminal and civil courts and provide legal counsel to clients on business and personal matters


Median Weekly Earnings: $1,351

Median Yearly Earnings: $70, 252

Percentage of Men’s Earnings: 87.3%

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or software engineering

Job Duties: Design, develop, test and evaluate computer systems and software


Median Weekly Earnings: $1,260

Median Yearly Earnings: $65,520

Percentage of Men’s Earnings: 85.4%

Education: Bachelor’s Degree and/or technology-specific Master’s Degree

Job Duties: Implement technology into an organization, often overseeing network security and information technology operations


Amy P'Pool is currently a student at California State University at Long Beach. Studying journalism, aspiring to be a professional writer someday. She enjoys hiking, being outdoors, jogging thru the parks and along the beaches of California, some consider her to be true....

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