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California Teacher Success – Standing out from the Crowd

You’re probably reading this because either you are a teacher or you want to be one. In both cases, it’s good that you’re reading this article because I have something that’s extremely useful and beneficial for you.

Very recently I interviewed a teacher who in his first year received 3 awards! Amongst these 3 awards was the teacher of the year award. It’s true! Teacher of the year in his first year as a teacher….So I asked him how this was possible…

Do you want to know how?

Stand Out From The Crowd

The first thing he told me was “I stood out from the crowd”. You can’t be normal any more – this is a problem that we all have. We need to be different to succeed yet we are trained to be normal. It’s just like anything in competition…For instance, let’s talk about business for a moment…

If a new company enters a marketplace and is normal, that company won’t succeed. Normal means average, and nobody buys average. When was the last time you went to the 3rd best restaurant chain in your local town? Never! Why? Because you choose to go to the best restaurant chain in your business – that’s how we all work.

People’s reluctant to stand out from the crowd as a teacher is largely due to their “reptile brain”. The reptile brain is the part of the brain that is responsible for “fight” or “flight”. It’s what has kept us alive over the last many thousands of years…

But the problem, now, is that the reptile brain is no longer any good in modern society. In fact, the reptile brain holds us back from what we could achieve because it wants us to blend in with the rest the crowd – it’s safer, nobody will laugh at me, I don’t need to stand up and be counted….

scholarship-harvard-universityChoose the right Certification Program

Beyond this he mentioned how choosing the right certification program was absolutely the number one thing that he did right. He mentioned that he received so much support from his support program in terms of advice. He was advised what he needed to do and say to get the job, what he needed to do when he took the reigns as a teacher, and how he needed to perform in the classroom.

He mentioned that everything they said would happen, happened. And this is invaluable. To have this kind of advice is something that has literally changed his career because it’s what has enabled him to become recognized as an award winning teacher in his own school – in his FIRST year!

Making it Fun

As a science teacher, this chap always found ways of making his lessons fun and that created a really fantastic relationship with his students. They loved attended his lessons, they had a rapport with him and as a result they studied harder and their results were better.

The number one rule, he said, is get their interest first before you teach. In science, I show them the explosion, before we mix the chemicals – and that’s my number one trick when a class is not paying attention to me like they should.

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