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California Electrician Certification: A Step-By-Step Approach

If you want to enter one of the most profitable industries out there, then you should apply for electrician certification Certification nowadays is no longer an option. There are some states in the country that do not allow electricians to perform their duties if they are not certified. They are doing this for a good reason. The electrical field must be taken seriously. Just connect the wrong wire and you are already risking the lives of a neighborhood. Electricity can kill. It can cause fires and can electrocute people. This is why people who are handling it should be knowledgeable and skilled.electrician-certification

Fortunately, all of these can be measured with a California certification examination. But to approach this exam blindly may make you look like a fool. It is created to measure your expertise. With that, you have to develop your skills before you can pass it. This is why I have decided to give you a step-by-step approach.

Below are the exact steps that you can take making California electrician certification a stroll in the park.

Find a School

As with any type of work, you can only apply for electrician certification if you have a related degree. Education is the key if you want to have ample knowledge or information in the field. This is why if you want to be hired as an electrician easily, then you should select your school wisely. While there are lots of school offers online, you usually cannot trust their reviews. It may help to approach electrical contractors and ask them on where they get their electricians. This will give you a rough idea on which schools you should get into.

Choose a Program

The next step in applying for electrician certification entails choosing a program that piques your interest. There are different programs related to the electric field. There is electrical engineering, electronics engineering and the likes. The program which you should choose will depend on the area which you like to enter. Do you want to be an electrical inspector in the medical field? Or do you want to work on the construction of buildings in the industrial field? The choice of your program will depend on the type of industry that you want to pursue afterwards.

Join an Apprenticeship

The third step is being an apprentice. Once you have finished a degree, you are required to complete a set number of hours in an apprenticeship. This will give you hands-on training in handling different electrical systems as well as exercising safety measures as highlighted in the national electrical code. The idea behind apprenticeship is simple. Through this, you learn and master the different skills that are required for your job and you also get to gain experience in doing it. This happens because you apply at a certain company and you do some on-the-job training. Though you will not be paid for this, you get to meet the number of hours that is required of you so that you can apply for electrician certification .

electrical-certificationApply for Electrician Certification

Finally, we have reached the step where you apply for electrician certification. But before you can do that, you have to meet some requirements. The first requirement is your age. You must be at least 18 years of age when you apply. Second is that you must have a 4-year bachelor’s degree or a 2-year associate’s degree in the electric field. I have highlighted this in the second step of this article. Last but not the least; you should also have completed the number of hours in your apprenticeship program. Once all of those things are done, you can now apply to get your electrical certification examination.

But before you plunge, I would suggest taking the extra effort to check the rules of the state on where you are applying. You see, each state has different rules when it comes to electrician certification. Some of them will require longer apprenticeship hours and some require particular degrees. It is better to check these beforehand than risk losing your license later.

The examination for California’s electrician certification is rather straightforward.

It consists of 400 practical questions which you should answer based on your knowledge and experience. If you pass, you get a certificate. This is the proof that you have indeed mastered all of the skills that are required of you. From here, you are now licensed to be paid as an electrician.

Get Some More Training

However, being a certified electrician does not mean that you should stop learning. Electrician certification may be the first step but you should keep that hunger for more skills and knowledge. I have seen some certified electricians apply for electrical training and even secondary education. Even though they are certified, they are willing to work as an electrician trainee just to learn more. You can do this by looking for training programs in your own company or looking for secondary or associate courses in your field. Trust me, it will hone your skills in handling electrical systems and you will have a greater likelihood of getting hired in high paying electrician jobs.

Look for a Contractor

But if you think you are already ready, you can just search for an electrical contractor who will hire you. As I have said earlier, it is up to you on where you want to work. If you want to work in the construction or industrial field, then you should have equipped yourself for that. All of these training and electrician certification is done so you can perform your job well.CSU-electrical-certification

Cal-State Electrician certification is done for a reason. It is done so that the skilled will be filtered from the unskilled. Skill is very important in this line of work because they hold the people’s lives in their hands. They handle electrical systems that can help the lives of other people or harm them when things go wrong. Think about it. Would you trust an un-certified electrician to take care of you? I don’t think so. This is a professional line of work, be a professional. An electrician certification is your sure fire way of being a lasting success in the electrical industry.


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