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Being a Green Consumer | Trying to Live Green

The gotta-have-it life choices of the modern world have really damaged a great portion of our planet. We consume, consume, and consume. While no one is asking you to give up your weekend mall excursions, it is essential to realize that there is a greener way to spend our money The only way to save our planet now is to become green consumers. This article will explain the basics of being a green consumer: the need, the drive, and the types of purchases that will take you there.Living-Green-life

We all know that with all the decades spent completely oblivious to our effect on mother earth we would come to the point of no return, if we don’t immediately change our habits that time is now. Our planet has a pressing need for people to start taking care of it. This problem has reached a critical level, and as such it should be treated as an emergency. Most people’s reason for not taking any action is simply because they don’t know where to start, the good news is we all spend on a daily basis and changing the way we buy is one of the best places to begin. Becoming a green consumer isn’t difficult and it can be achieved simply by making efforts to only purchase eco-friendly products who’s manufacturing and usage creates as little waste and energy consumption as possible.

Also there are a ton of reasons, beside the environmental ones, that becoming a green consumer simply makes sense. Green products are healthier then the mainstream products. Green consumers who opt for eco-friendly or organic products instead of their conventional counterparts are saving themselves from exposure to a host of chemicals used in traditional manufacturing, their by warding off many health problems and possible causes of disease. So what does it take? To be a green consumer, simply purchase eco-friendly sustainable products as much as possible and purchase with a conservative state of mind. Below you will find a few tips to get you going in the right direction.

The first is to buy your products locally. Even if ordering from the internet is much cheaper, the fuel needed for overseas delivery of individual products really places an unnecessary strain on our natural resources. Another great tip for becoming a green consumer is to buy products that are produced by companies that are recognized for their environmentally sound manufacturing processes. A good example would be only purchasing electrical appliances that carry the Energy Star stamp of approval. Lastly, green-lifeit is a good idea to always recycle the packaging of every purchase you make. Even products that are labeled as “green” and “eco-friendly” are often packaged in a very inconsiderate manner, the least you can do is make sure these materials are recycled so that they may be reused in future consumer products.


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