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Become a California Journeyman Electrician In a Few Simple Steps

Do you know what a California  journeyman electrician is?

 Lots of people don’t know what a journeyman electrician is, more commonly known as an electrician. A Journeyman electrician electrician is a status of accomplishment within the electrical industry.  They are knowledgeable in just about any area of electrical construction, Companies look for journeyman electricians rather than ordinary electricians as they come with more credentials. If they look to hire the best it is the Journeyman electrician that gets the call.

So if you are planning to enter the electrician field, be sure to aim high and aim to be a journeyman electrician, you will find it easier to achieve than you probably think. Even though a journeyman electrician is deemed as a master in the field, it is still as attainable. All you have to do is to simply follow a few simple steps.

Enter The Field

You can enter the field in various ways. One way is to enter a electrician course. For instance, you can enter a electrical engineering or electronics engineering course whilst in college. If you have already graduated, then there is still an option to join the electrical field. Like taking an associate courses. Just make sure that you are taking a course that is relevant to the journeyman electrician job as there are plenty offerings of many different types. Likewise if you want to be a mechanic, be sure that you choose a program that will teach you the technical skills that you are going to need. I am sure that you will find your calling in all of the programs offered. Like I said there are plenty to choose from.

Also, remember to choose a program that contains all the information that you will need as an electrician. Be sure that it covers important topics such as the National Electrical Code. Do not be afraid to raise some questions during class. This will help you maximize the course. After all, it is a requirement for all journeyman electricians, don’t take this for granted, be sure it covers all you need.

Conquer an Apprenticeship

The next step that you have to conquer is an apprenticeship. Here you will receive on-the-job training whilst working under the supervision of a real journeyman electrician. What I like about being an apprentice is that you get to master your occupation. You get to see a real journeyman electrician in action and asking many questions along the way. As an electricians apprentice you just have to emulate the skills being past down. It is also a requirement that you attend a certain number of hours before you can become a journeyman electrician. This varies from state to state, so be sure to inquire about what’s necessary within your state.


The third step involves certification and your need to become a licensed electrician. You will need to practically demonstrate everything that you have learned during your training and demonstrate that you have what it takes. Such as cable calculations, circuit design as well as show a clear understanding in electrical theory. It goes without saying the most important part of the electrical exam is the demonstration of the skills you will have picked up along he way.  There will be a practical exam with varying modules where you will be asked to demonstrate what you know to prove your worthiness as an electrician.

Apply to be a Journeyman Electrician

This is where things start to become easy with your application in becoming a journeyman electrician. Of course, you cannot get a high position right away. The most important thing to remember is that it is experience you are looking to gain here, your salary is least important. There will be time enough to bump up your earnings when you become a fully fledged journeyman electrician for yourself.

With the importance of salary to one side for the moment, you now have to look for available journeyman electrician jobs. You can do this in two ways: you search for them or you contact some electrical contractors that need them. An electrical contractor is someone who will delegate tasks to you. It is a pretty easy way to gain experience especially if you are fresh in the industry. If you are interested in the industrial field, then you may also want to work as a electrical worker. Workers may not be the best paid electricians out there but they get the best training there is – experience. Remember that in the beginning, you must be more concerned about experience than salary. But if you are going to apply as an ordinary worker, don’t. You did not study in the electrical field just to work in an unrelated field. If you do not have a choice, choose a relevant department. That way, you can still use the experience when you apply later.

Be Open for More Training

Last but not the least; expose yourself to as much electrical work as you can. Exposure will grant you the experience that you need for a journeyman electrician job. Stretch your social circles, mix with as many construction workers as you can. Often networking with other like minded individuals is the best way in finding employment. Try to see what they are doing, often they will be the first to know when a construction company is looking to hire staff. Of course you could also become a general electrician and offer your services to esteemed clients. The key here is to apply to as many jobs as you can.

All you need to take action, you got nowhere just thinking about it, get yourself involved today. You can only be a master in the field if you love it. If you are an action taker, dedicated in reaching your goal and love what you do, you will become a journeyman electrician, without fail.  You should have a genuine interest in the wonderful technical aspect of tackling electrical systems and have a real concern about the welfare of the public at large.

Being a California  journeyman electrician is easy, right?


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