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Getting Your Hands on Green Scholarships for Minorities

Are you looking for some scholarship money to help you pay for the cost of college? You may be surprised to learn about the many different scholarship opportunities out there, particularly if you are considered to be a minority. In fact, depending upon your personal situation and your academic goals, it is possible to get most if not all of your college expenses paid for if you are from a minority group.

Who is Considered to be a Minority?

There are many different groups of individuals who are considered to be a minority. Some of these include:

· African-Americans
· Asians
· Females
· Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Individuals
· Hispanics
· Multi-racial or Multi-cultural Individuals
· Native Americans

If you belong to one or more of these categories, there are likely to be many organizations out there that might be willing to help you pay for your educational expenses. All you have to do is get out there and find them!

Where Should I Look for Scholarships?

There are many places you should look to find available scholarships for minorities. Some of these include:

· Colleges and Universities
· Corporate Donors
· Federal Agencies
· Private Endowments
· Professional Organizations
· State Agencies

Don’t limit your search to only those organizations that specialize in the advancement of a particular minority. Many businesses, organizations and agencies that are seemingly unrelated to a certain minority group will also provide scholarships in an effort to create good public relations or to simply assist in the creation of a global marketplace. If you are minority who is interested in a field where your group is typically underrepresented, such as a woman who is interested in mathematics or science, you will have an even greater chance of finding available scholarships.

Using the Internet to Find Scholarship Opportunities

The Internet is a great resource for researching available scholarships for minorities. The following are great places to look when searching for scholarships.

· Black Excel Scholarship Gateway
· Point Foundation
· United Negro College Fund
· Hispanic Scholarship Fund
· American Association of University Women

In addition to these traditional types of minorities, be certain to think outside of the box when searching for minority scholarships. For example, there are actually scholarships available to those who are left handed as well as for those who are below a certain height. So, be certain to explore all “minority” possibilities, because you just might find a scholarship out there with your name on it!


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